How to Pick a Right Tire

The right choice of tires is essential. The most important is to find one with the appropriate parameters. Depending on engine power, capacity or weight of the car manufacturers offer tires with different technical data. Here are a few tips to help you choose a suitable set of tires for your vehicle:

This is the most essential thing. Before buying a new set of tires, check which size is suitable for our car. You can do this in several ways:
• Check the current size of tires
• Check the size indicated in the service book of your vehicle
• Check the sizes noted in the car, which may be located:
on the lid of the fuel filler
on the threshold of the driver’s door
of the post behind the driver

Checking the correct size before buying tires will ensure their best use and avoid premature tire wear or damage.


NOTE! If you are planning to use the substitute tires, be sure to:
• Check the inch size of wheel rims (tire size must be identical to the size of the wheel rims, you can not install a smaller tires on larger rim and vice versa)
• Check rim width (width of the tire must interact in the width of the wheels, otherwise during the installation the tire can be pulled too hard which could significantly worsen the ride comfort and reduce the durability of the product)


Remember that the newly elected tire size was close to the size of the factory perimeter. If the size of perimeter is changed it will negatively affect the use of the car and its performance on the road. In addition, any electronic systems of the vehicle may indicate corrupted data, ie. The distance traveled or the instantaneous speed.


Select the appropriate Speed and Load Indexes
These parameters are located directly next to the size of tires, both on its side and in some designated areas in the car (we wrote about it in item 1). Make sure that the tire has chosen an appropriate:

• Speed Index – indexes dedicated by the manufacturer are to be used to assure the use of full potential of your car, an exception can be made to winter tires where it is permitted to apply a minimally lower speed index (due to the fact that as a rule by weather conditions in winter go slower)
• Load index – here also it is necessary to use the parameters dedicated by the manufacturer. Load capacity must always be at least the same as the total mass of the car at full load.


To take full advantage of purchased tires and to be satisfied with them you should choose a product that meets your expectations. Each driver may prefer a different style of driving, every driver may depend on some other parameters of driving. Tires’ model should be chosen to fit to them as we go.

Once you have chosen the appropriate parameters of a tire suitable for your driving style - do not wait and place your order in our shop! We guarantee the highest level of service, reliability, and full-fledged purchasing merchandise from a reputable tire manufacturers!