MOBILE Tire Service for fleet customers

Thanks to professionally equipped Mobile Services, we can serve fleets directly in their headquarters, or in any other convenient for the company or driver time and place. Our Mobile Service vehicles may also provide assistance in case of breakdown on the road.

Their many years of work and numerous and extensive training gave our service engineers a wealth of knowledge and experience that are constantly expanded through intensive, long-term certified training in the country and abroad. In the present era of globalization we emphasize the ability to communicate in many languages, currently we offer services in Polish, English, Russian and Spanish.

The main benefits for companies resulting from using our Mobile Service:

  1. saving work time of drivers
  2. reducing vehicles’ downtime
  3. no need to drive to the service station in order to service the vehicles
  4. saving time of fleet managers - we maintain tire service charts, keep record of service dates, analyze market prices and present for your approval the best service solutions (retreading, cutting, replacement of tires)
  5. reduction of costs resulting from fuel savings and additional vehicle utilization
  6. the option of installments or delayed payment for a service and / or tire purchase.


Additional pros:

  • up to date seasonal tire replacement of worn tires increases driver safety, improves vehicle performance and reduces the risk of possible failures.
  • simultaneous inspection and service of all fleet vehicles during one day.
  • constant monitoring of the shape of fleet’s tires, thanks to which, we prevent possible breakdowns and excessive tire wear that could result in downtime and additional costs.