Summer tires ranking

Current market offers multiple models of tires for vehicles of all kinds. Depending on personal preference as well as the characteristics of driving each driver is able to choose a product that meets their expectations. Choosing the right set of tires can be facilitated by the results of tests carried out by independent institutions. Below is an overview of the most interesting summer tire models for season 2015 created basing on knowledge of the German automobile club ADAC (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club):

  1. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 - German product highly valued by customers on the market. Its valuable features have been confirmed by high results in several tests conducted by the ADAC, Auto Bild, or ACE / GTU.
  2. Michelin Primacy 3 - the flagship of this French tire concern, perfectly suited for everyday driving. It is valued among users for good traction on wet surface and for its durability.
  3. Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance - this is one of the most readily chosen products by customers throughout Europe. Product appreciated in tests conducted by ADAC and ACE / GTU.
  4. Nokian Line – A very highly technologically advanced product. Despite the fact that the Finnish company Nokian specializes in winter tires, their summer offering successfully copes with the leading models.
  5. Dunlop Sport Bluresponse - another excellent product by Goodyear. Despite the lack of victory in any of the tests this versatile tire will be one of the best choices. Its outstanding qualities reflect the results on labels.
  6. Vredestein Sportrac 5 - a product of premium quality destined for passenger vehicles. The tread appearance was designed by one of the most famous Italian design companies - Giugiaro Design.
  7. Pirelli Cinturato P7 Blue - Italian product that delivers great pleasure of driving through high comfort and reliable performance. It proves itself perfectly in all road conditions. This model has been awarded in a test conducted by Gute Fahrt.
  8. Hankook Kinergy Eco K425 - a model produced by the extremely vibrant Korean company. Certain components used in the production process created the tire that is not only ecological but also very efficient on the road.
  9. Bridgestone Turanza T001 – this tire is strongly recommended by all leading companies performing tire testing, such as Auto Bild, Auto Zeitung, or ACE / GTU. The highest quality materials and modern technologies have made the T001 is a very safe and durable tire.